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Kathy Anderson


Kathy R Anderson born in 1954 to a family of 5 girls in Southeast Tennessee. Ever since they were little the sisters were very competitive and creative. They loved to play and design beautiful playhouses. Later in life her older sister became an interior designer in Atlanta. Kathy became a banker of 38 years. The past 3 years she have discovered art as she never thought she could. She has sold over 60 paintings and continues to try and improve her techniques. Her hope is that everyone sees what she sees in every painting.


Shirley Anderson

Shirley is a native of Smith County, TN. Where she retired (31 years) as a District Director in Three County Health Departments. After the death of her husband, she later married Phillip Anderson and has been in Macon County 21 years and works as a Funeral Director in the family business. Shirley was a seamstress for years, sewing for family and making window treatments. You can see her love of flowers at her home, at the Anderson funeral homes and Cemetery. She loves making things and was always intrigued with art and painting. In her early years, she painted with acrylics by watching TV shows with Bob Ross and David Jenkins. During that time, there were no electronics like there are now. After moving to Macon County, she took some classes and fell in love with watercolor painting, especially  florals. 

It has been said that you can tell Shirley’s work by the many bright colors she uses in her work. Her artwork is scattered throughout the Anderson Funeral Homes as well as, on their websites. She has placed first, sometimes second or third in the annual Arts in Bloom Show at MB&T in Lafayette.  

Wynona Clayborn
Artist in Lafayette
Lafayette, Tn

Wynona Clayborne

Wynona Clayborne is a Macon County native that has worked in the Macon County School System over 40 years as an educator, counselor, and supervisor.  She has loved to do crafts and needle work from a very young age.  

She also has a desire for travel and archiving the places that she and her husband, Eddy, travel to through photography.  Architecture is one of her favorite things to photograph and she has developed a set of letters from interesting architecture she has experienced in many different locations. She also likes to photograph the beautiful scenery along the way.

She and her husband Eddy have two sons, Wes and Orry, and 5 grandchildren.

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Jessie Clement

Meet Macon County's own Singer/Songwriter Jessie Clement! Known as a "triple threat" in Nashville for her candid introspective songwriting, formidable guitar & piano skills, and stunning crystalline vocals, Jessie has over 121,000 streams on Spotify for her single "Record Player" alone! Check out her vintage R&B grooves and loose jazz vocals on her newest release cd Record Player.


Marla Davis

Raised in Macon County, TN, Marla has always been a creator.  Whether it was a new trendy dress she wanted, a piece of furniture that needed a new look, or framing something she made, she learned how to do it herself with the help of family or friends.  

As an adult, she has taken classes from local artists but turns to the internet frequently to learn new techniques. She most enjoys re-purposing discarded items, paper quilling, and pallet knife painting.  Marla has a bachelors in business from Cumberland University and a masters from Capella University.  She enjoys traveling, creating, teaching others, and spending time with her family. 

Nancy Doss, artist, watercolor, painter, alcohol inks, art teacher

Nancy Doss

Artist Nancy Doss works primarily in watercolor, pastels and inks. She brings many years of experience to her art - experience that includes living and working in Australia, Africa and Europe. Her work shows techniques garnered through years of workshop study with nationally-known artists. 

   Recently Nancy has turned her attention to teaching watercolor to adults. Her classes stress the fundamentals and great versatility of the medium.  Nancy’s art can be found in many private and public collections, including  the Araluen Museum in Alice Springs, Australia.  

Kathy Eden sees herself more craftsman than artist but still loves to try out different mediums. Des

Kathy Eden

 Kathy Eden sees herself more craftsman than artist but still loves to try out different mediums. Describing herself as self taught and a “Jack of all mediums Master of none” she admits she just loves working with any medium. Currently clay is her medium of choice and the elephant her prototype. The collection called “The Elephant in the Room” presents the elephant with human characteristics much of it humorously. Kathy also creates artwork in watercolor, acrylics, oils, colored pencil, wood and cloth. She worked in her shop “Frame-It” for almost 20 years making picture frames to enhance others artwork or photos, but her speciality was creating wonderful shadowboxes out of memorabilia. Now retired she hopes to have more time to dedicate to having fun creating all kinds of art.

Kathy has always been a great promoter of the arts and served on the MCAC board for several years. 

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Patricia Ferguson

Patricia, a retired educator devoting 38 years of her life to the education of children in Macon County, has been a high school classroom teacher but retired as Technology Director/Supervisor for Macon County Schools.  She taught high school students the fundamentals of SLR film photography, but the digital revolution of photography allowed her to couple technology with photography and turned a hobby into a creative pursuit.  

Her love of nature has influenced her photography which she sometimes mixes with her technology skills allowing her to develop her own digital art. Locally, Patricia’s nature photography and/or digital art has been featured in Macon County’s local newspapers, hung multiple times in Macon County’s Welcome Center, and has been on display at both of Macon County’s Public Libraries. Globally, her work has been featured on multiple online educational sites, travel sites and photography blogs.  Currently, her butterfly photographs are featured on the bottle labels of Hillside Winery of Sevierville, TN.  Her bird photography is published in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology and is also featured on nestwatch.org. She has completed two nature books:  39 Birds and The Beauty of the Butterfly


Darrell Jenkins

 Macon county native and University of Tennessee graduate Darrel Jenkins is a relative newcomer as an artist. As a child he was exposed to art through his cousins Jerry and Steve Morgan. Both painting for the public in Macon county for years. 

Darrell’s start began in the local auction circuit buying art to decorate his home. After doing this one summer, he got the fever to learn how to paint. However, he realized the need to be able to draw. At this point Darrell turned to YouTube. He found many videos that taught him how to draw. After spending a year drawing family portraits he decided it was time to start painting. Again, YouTube provided the instructions needed to get started. Since then he has been painting portraits, wildlife, and landscapes. Oil painting is his preferred medium but he continues to explore others. 


Linda Johnson

Clay is Linda’s primary medium but she is able to find the material that best fits the piece. Her works range from large steel and fiberglass structures to small polymers or water putty renderings. She frequently creates a small prototype, from wire armature and water putty, to better understand the concept of a larger, completed work. Finishing the surface usually differs with each piece. Linda combines urethanes, pigments, and oxides or other materials to crate her desired effects. 

Linda’s work has been part of the SOFA shows and AAF in Chicago and New York. Linda has exhibited her work in Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Her work has been accepted in regional and national competitions. She has been the recipient of a number of first place and best of show awards. Her work is in permanent collections of the White House, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and Cheekwood’s Owl Hills. 


Kelly Key

After graduating with honors from the University of Tennessee, Kelly Key spent several years creatively working in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee.  He decided to lead a less noisy life writing tales from his imagination.  Brimstone a Myth of Terror in the Old West, was his first novel.  His second novel was a romantic comedy titled, Wedding Secrets.  After completing a murder mystery, You Can’t Tell, he started work on his new horror saga of the Blackburn Witches, Bloody Bones.  He has just completed the second book in the series, Rise of the Witch Twins.   


Benny Maggart

Pottery was Benny Maggart's main field of study while getting his undergraduate degree in Art at MTSU in 1970.  He studied at three other colleges while in the Army. In 1973 he was called to preach and went 31 years without making any art. Several years ago Benny started making pottery again about one day a week in Nashville.

His pottery is mostly traditional with the idea each piece is a separate work of art. He does not try to duplicate his work. Each is a distinct one of a kind. Some pieces can be used as functional ware and are safe, with the exceptions of Raku ware, which are indicated.


Susan Morris

Susan has been involved in Hapidary Arts for 20 years in Daytona Beach, Florida as a member of Tomoka Gem and Mineral Society. Her lapidary skills include cabbing, wire wrap, fused glass, beading, and larupwork. 

Susan is also a fiber artist. She started about 10 years ago by felting old wool sweaters and making purses out of them. Five years ago, she started needle felting small animals and wet felting purses. She currently gets most of her wool for wet felted pursues and needle felted dolls from a local Mennonite woman who has thirteen rescue sheep. She dyes and spins the wool herself from her sheep.

John Popken, artist

John Popken


John Popken is a 79 year old native of Minnesota, who moved with his family at 12 years of age to California where he attended High school and Pierce College. John is a mechanical engineer who started his career working in the Aero-Space industry. He soon became interested in working for himself. Throughout his life he started several businesses, the last two were in Colorado where he spent 35 years and finally retired at the age of 65. During retirement John, a lifelong student of the Bible, acquired his Doctorate in Theology in an effort to expand his knowledge of the Bible and his Christian faith.

John moved with his wife to Kentucky and built their retirement home. I few years later his wife passed away. Lonely, John met and married Frankie Waller a local Interior Designer. Frankie had a passion for Wooden Jewelry which John began to make for her. He does not consider himself to be an artist or for that matter particularly talented. But he does like pleasing Frankie, the love of his life. Since his marriage to her John began writing, which had been a long held desire. He became a published author with the book “Do You Believe Jesus” last April.

Peggy Stephens; artist; watercolor; painter; Lafayette, Tn

Peggy Stephens

Originally from Franklin Tennessee, raised on a farm where  I learned to have a great appreciation for nature. I graduated from Middle Tennessee University with a major in biology and a minor in mathematics and education. 

After teaching a year, I came back to MTSU and begin working on my Master's. I completed my Master's and + 45 hours at Tech in Cookeville. After teaching mostly biology and some math for 32 years I retired. Not long after retirement I started taking painting classes from Nancy Doss. The rest is history. I enjoyed watercolors best of all.
I particularly enjoy painting birds and flowers and outdoor scenes. I guess this comes from the farm girl in me. 

Sherry Wheeler, Artist, Jewelry, Handmade

Sherry Wheeler

Sherry grew up on a farm in rural south-central Kentucky.  There wasn’t much entertainment so she spent as much time as her  parents would allow at her grandmother’s house, who was always making and creating something.  It is from her grandmother she got her love for creating.  She went on to attend college at Western Kentucky University, married and became a teacher.  

During her years of teaching she channeled her energy into the classroom and raising two kids.  Although she has a science background in education, she always had a creative side and was constantly looking for ways to nurture and explore different avenues. She started making jewelry about 3 years before her retirement from teaching.  Her curiosity for new techniques led her to take up metalsmithing and get introduced to the wonderful world of mixed metals and jewelry making!

Evelyn White, Painter, Potter, Lafayette, Tennessee, artist

Evelyn White

Evelyn White was born and raised in Macon County, TN.  Since she was a child she has always loved art.  She has always enjoyed working with her hands and considers it to be a God-given talent. Using self-instructional books and taking lessons from local artists, Evelyn has developed her own style.  She started in oil, but has developed skills in watercolor, acrylic, and clay.  She has used these mediums on all sizes from small canvas to large wall murals.  She is mostly inspired by landscape and nature. 

Evelyn is an Industrial Engineer by profession.  She attended Western Kentucky University and holds degrees B.S. in Industrial Technology and A.S. in Architectural Drafting.  After the closing of an industrial plant where she had been employed, she decided to slow her life pace, dive into her love of art, and enjoy life.

Eileen Herb-Wittee, painter, photographer, animal portrait, portraits, sculpter

Eileen Herb-Wittee

Wildlife Artist / Illustrator / Photographer; Eileen Herb-Witte has been studying and enjoying nature from her early days. As long as she can remember her love for animals has been a passion. Blessed with the God given gift to paint realistic animals is one of her many loves in life. Born and raised in New Jersey, until 2003 where she moved to Florida for 5 years before moving once again and now resides in beautiful scenic Ten­nessee. She loves spending more time outdoors and enjoys the quietness, yet powerful beauty that surrounds her. "God is an awesome artist, and the world is his canvas."

Eileen went to college for commercial design, and started working at McGraw-Hill Publishing Company in NYC for many years, as the Assistant Art Director for two magazines. Starting to raise a family, she moved into a more freelance field, leaving her artistic ability open to a variety of projects, some including; Murals, Commissioned Oil Portraits, wildlife paintings, illustrations, magazine covers, book illustrations, catalogs, specialty license plates. Her artist & photographic abilities also included product illus­trations for many advertisements, and photo retouching for various companies. Her hope is that everyone that purchases one of her designs, is truly blessed by it.

Brenda York; artist; teacher

Brenda York

Mrs. Brenda York has taught K-12 visual art in both public and private school since 1992.  She graduated the University of Toledo pwith a Bachelors of Art Education, with a minor in studio.  She also holds a Masters Of Divinity from Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, Ohio.  She moved to TN in 2006 with her husband Gary.  She taught at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy for 13 years before taking a position with Macon County.  

As a teacher, she has experience in many mediums, but her favorites include sculpture, fiber arts, ceramics, and jewelry making.  She regularly attends workshops through the TN art educators association and Arrowmont.